Mercedes Benz vehicles claim to be the safest cars in the globe with their countless pioneering technical achievements, as well as high-quality Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. You benefit from greater cost control that may arise due to delayed servicing or repairs, and so on, such as additional workshop costs due to unexpected repairs, servicing or replacement parts, etc.

Since owning a Mercedes-Benz is a big investment, it is always better to make scheduled services for your European car, to prevent any last-minute surprises in the form of a breakdown, an engine failure, a faulty part, and so on. It is thus important to ensure that Epping car services are genuine, be it your Mercedes, Volkswagen, or Audi specialist services in Epping.

Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen Car Servicing Specialists In Epping

● Mercedes-Benz models which are newer than the 2010 versions must get their scheduled service after their primary 10,000 miles or a one year period, whichever comes first. This maintenance appointment usually includes an oil change, filter replacement, fluid levels check, correction, multipoint inspection, as well as checking of the wiper blade sets. Another maintenance strategy is based on the specific model type.

● After the first scheduled servicing, you will require the next scheduled servicing for your Mercedes-Benz at each of the 10,000 miles covered or after a 12 month period, whichever comes first. To cross-check on whether the right maintenance schedule for your Benz, Volkswagen, or Audi is performed, it is suggested that the Operator’s Manual ic checked for your specific model. Else, you can always drop a call to your Car service specialist and talk to the service experts in your service center at Epping.

Why Would You Choose HC Garage To Service Your Audi And Volkswagen In Epping?

HC Garage offers world-class European car specialist services in Epping. Be it a Volkswagen, Audi, or your Mercedes Benz, HC Garage provides the finest and most reliable ar servicing in Epping.

HC Garage offers dependable Mercedes Benz mechanics to service all the following models by our expert mechanics in Epping:

● A-Class
● B-Class
● CLA-Class
● C-Class Sedan
● C-Class Estate
● C-Class Coupé
● CLS-Class
● CLS Shooting Brake
● E-Class Sedan
● E-Class Estate
● E-Class Coupé
● E-Class Cabriolet
● G-Class
● GL-Class
● GLA-Class
● M-Class
● S-Class
● S-Class Coupé
● SL-Class
● SLK-Class
● Mercedes-AMG GT V-Class
● Mercedes-Maybach
Additionally, HC Garage is the leading company that offers genuine and approved Audi parts and the best oils and fluids for your Audi vehicle. Also, German-engineered Volkswagen is serviced by expert mechanics at HC Garage’s center in Epping. While European dealerships offer exceptional repairs for their branded cars and use all the genuine parts, but their prices seem to always be on the higher-end, HC Garage offers the same high-quality service with the same genuine parts for your Volkswagen car at a much affordable price.

Be it Fault diagnosis and repairs, safety inspections, Logbook servicing, or Air conditioning repairs, HC Garage employs qualified technicians who are well-equipped in working with various makes of VW models and perfectly know every detail of the vehicle. So, be it a Beetle, Jetta, or a Bora model of VW, HC Garage has its service covered for you. HC Garage is known as the specialist in BMW car servicing in Epping. Be it the 1 to M series of BMW, HC Garage performs quality inspection, fault recognition by careful analysis, and fixing of issues of your car in the most reduced downtimes, and in the most advanced techniques in our center in Epping. So, if you are on the lookout for the leading European Car Services Specialist in Epping, reach out to HC Garage on the number 0415 467 601. Alternatively, mail HC Garage at [email protected] for the most competitive offers and quotes on your European car servicing requirements in Epping.