Auto Diagnostic Service Specialist in Thomastown

Accurate Auto Diagnostic Services in Thomastown 

Is the engine light on your car’s dashboard blinking? This indicates that there might be a problem with the engine of your vehicle. Instead of trying to figure out what the issue is, bring your vehicle to HC Garage today for our auto diagnostic services.

Apart from the engine light going off, other signs that indicate your vehicle might need an inspection is a vehicle slowing down or the engine running rough. Leave it to the auto specialists of Melbourne to inspect your vehicle and diagnose the issue in no time. Our auto repair shop is equipped with the latest computer diagnostic tools and equipment for the accurate diagnosis of your vehicle.

Certified Technicians Handling Your Car’s Diagnosis

Rest easy knowing that the entire diagnostic process is done by professional and certified technicians. We provide a range of auto diagnostic services, including:

  • On-board computer scanning
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) retrieval
  • Database checks for technical service bulletins
  • Road testing
  • Visual inspections
  • Battery and charging system analysis

You can get back on the road soon once your car’s engine is patched up! Call us on 0415 467 601 to learn more about our auto diagnostic services. We have built a good reputation in Thomastown & Melbourne.

Auto Diagnostic Service