Affordable Brake & Clutch Specialist in Thomastown

HC Garage offer a complete brake and clutch repair service across Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our technicians are entirely qualified and can carry out all aspects of brake repair from simple brake pad replacement to more complex brake or clutch system overhauls on cars.

Ensuring Safety With Exceptional Car Brake Repairs in Thomastown 

For increased safety while driving, ensure that your brakes are always at their best. Reach out to the brake specialists at HC Garage if you notice even a small issue with your car’s brake and clutch system. Any negligence regarding your brakes might result in unfortunate incidents.
The car brake specialists of HC Garage are qualified to handle any complexity of brake issues, from simple brake pad replacement to complex overhauls of the brake and clutch system. We have experience working on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

HC Garage can handle all your brake repair requirements for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles.

Providing an Array of Brake Services in Thomastown 

Our array of brake and clutch repairs include:

  • Brake pad & disc rotor replacement
  • Brake shoe, brake drum, and wheel cylinder replacement
  • Brake hose and brake line repair
  • Brake master cylinder replacement
  • Caliper overhauls and replacements
  • Diagnose and repair abs (anti-lock brake system) problems.
  • Trailer brake repairs
  • Clutch fault diagnosis
  • Clutch adjustment
  • Clutch cable repair / replacement
  • Clutch hydraulic leaks and problems
  • Clutch master & slave cylinder replacement
  • Car and 4WD clutch replacements

HC Garage can accurately diagnose, quote and repair both passenger car clutch problems as well as the commercial vehicle

When you bring your car to us, we’ll run a thorough diagnosis to pinpoint the issue with your car brakes and will repair them if needed. Our attention to detail and quick turnaround time has made us the best choice for brake and clutch repairs in the Melbourne areas.
Reach out to our team on 04 1546 7601 if you need a quote or consultation on our brake repairs or drive into our auto repair shop today!

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