Car Service And Roadworthy Inspection Specialists In Epping

Is your car still in its warranty period? If so, there are a few important things you need to consider in your car service checklist. Log book servicing and roadworthy inspections are the primary ones out of the major on the list. This is important because otherwise, you may void your car’s warranty. HC Garage is a leading provider of European car mechanic and car repair services who have been catering to all specialist car mechanic and European car repair services for all our customers in the suburb of Epping for over many years now. HC Garage ensures that when you avail our car repair services, we make sure that your log book servicing is performed properly to avoid any potential warranty period issues regarding servicing or repair costs, etc.

HC Garage ensures a nationwide guarantee on logbook servicing as our team of specialist car mechanics perform logbook services and roadworthy inspections as a proactive approach to regular car maintenance. Here, HC Garage car mechanics make sure through regular inspections & Auto diagnostic services that even the minutest of small fixes are done efficiently to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Our expert logbook servicing team prevents small issues from turning into major damages by accurately recording the fixed performed to your vehicle. This prevents extra costs from accumulating through unexpected breakdowns of your car. From checking the serpentine belts, replacing the brake pads, inspecting the shock absorbers, and even the topping up of transmission fluid, HC Garage ensures that all the tasks carried out are strictly recorded in each logbook service. We make sure that our car services are carried out at regular and timely intervals to keep your car running at optimal performance, and thereby improve the longevity of your vehicle, wherever you are in Epping.

Professional Auto diagnostic services & Brake Specialists In Epping

If you get behind the wheel of your car, truck, or SUV, anywhere in the suburb of Epping, you need not worry anymore because HC Garage offers specialist emergency brake repair services. Almost every expert car mechanic in Melbourne would recommend having your brakes inspected once a year or every 15,000 kilometres for safe driving. HC Garage provides professional brake repairs and services in Epping which is performed by a team of highly-skilled brake specialists will perform brake repairs, or replace the brake if necessary, change the brake fluid, the rotors and uneven linings, if required.

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HC Garage is the leading brake repair specialist and expert car mechanic and repair services in Epping. Call our expert European car mechanics on 0415 467 601 and they will guide you on your complete car services along with providing a no-obligation free quote for all our brake specialist and car repair services in Epping. Grab yours today!