Roadworthy Inspections & Log Book Services in Thomastown

The only trustworthy source who’ll know the best for your car is your car’s manufacturer. When you buy a new car, you get a car in its finest condition. Maintain that condition of your car throughout with logbook services from HC Garage.

Maintaining Performance of  Your Vehicle With Log Book Services in Thomastown 

Log book servicing is, in plain words, providing the services listed by the manufacturer. Every type of vehicle comes with a logbook as each vehicle has its own set of services for maintenance. When you follow the schedule prescribed in the logbook, you can maintain the statutory warranty that you receive with your car as well as optimize its performance.

A log book states all the services that need to be performed within the first 200,000 km to maintain its condition. These instructions are judiciously followed by our car technicians and we know which part of your vehicle to work on when you bring it to us.

Get a Roadworthy Inspection for Your Vehicle From Trained Mechanics near Thomastown

Apart from logbook services, we also provide roadworthy inspections at our shop. When you plan to buy a preowned vehicle or sell your vehicle, you need to inspect if the car is fit to be driven on the road, that is, the car is in its best condition. Our technicians can perform roadworthy inspections on your car to see if everything’s working properly so that it can get a roadworthy inspection.

Contact us on 0415 467 601 and get all your queries regarding our logbook services answered by our knowledgeable technicians. You can also stop by our shop if you live near Melbourne.

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